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  ·          What is Philanthropy? ·          Overview ·          Philanthropy Workers Needed ·          Qualifications, Requirements and How to Prepare for a Position ·          Positions in Philanthropy Suitable for Young Adults ·          & Links to Additional Resources   What is Philanthropy? The origin of the word philanthropy is loosely translated from Greek to mean “love for humankind”. A modern-day translation could be, “to do good”. In the United States starting in the late 19th century, a few very rich people gave large sums of money to support the arts, education, medical research, public policy, social services, environmental programs, and other causes. For example, Andrew Carnegie was noted for his large-scale financial contributions, which included building more than 2,500 libraries worldwide. As such, he is one of America's most famous philanthropists .   Overview Today, the philanthropy industry broadly encompasses the voluntary givin