Posts Celebrates 20 Years of Assisting Jobless American Teens -- Yet Teen Employment Lower Today than 20 Years Ago

When began its service in 2002 the labor force participation rate (LFPR) for teens 16-19 years of age was 47.6%. Today it has plummeted to 36.9% according to Fred Economic Research Data. A poll on confirms that most teenagers want paying jobs but have never held one.  Celebrating its 20th anniversary, works diligently to fulfill its mission as the leading nationwide online job and career center for American teens. Over the past two decades has served millions of visitors and connected hundreds of thousands of teens with visionary companies such as UCLA Healthcare, UPS Store, Honey Baked Ham, Golf Club of Houston, FEMA’s AmeriCorps, Pappa Roti, Trees Atlanta, Grady’s Family Fun Park, ReStore, Minnesota Travel Authority, and others. In addition to fulfilling job vacancies, companies support teenagers by providing a positive experience where the teen can learn life skills and build character. Kenneth Lucas, a five-year em