Posts Celebrates 20 Years of Assisting Jobless American Teens -- Yet Teen Employment Lower Today than 20 Years Ago

When began its service in 2002 the labor force participation rate (LFPR) for teens 16-19 years of age was 47.6%. Today it has plummeted to 36.9% according to Fred Economic Research Data. A poll on confirms that most teenagers want paying jobs but have never held one.  Celebrating its 20th anniversary, works diligently to fulfill its mission as the leading nationwide online job and career center for American teens. Over the past two decades has served millions of visitors and connected hundreds of thousands of teens with visionary companies such as UCLA Healthcare, UPS Store, Honey Baked Ham, Golf Club of Houston, FEMA’s AmeriCorps, Pappa Roti, Trees Atlanta, Grady’s Family Fun Park, ReStore, Minnesota Travel Authority, and others. In addition to fulfilling job vacancies, companies support teenagers by providing a positive experience where the teen can learn life skills and build character. Kenneth Lucas, a five-year em

No one will “give” you a job. You have to earn one.

We have been bombarded with phone calls and emails from teens who—want to “GIVE” them a paying job. This may sound silly to some of you. Unfortunately for others they are serious. For those of you in the later category, I hate to break this to you but does NOT give out jobs. In fact, no one does! You have to EARN a job. You earn a job by first preparing yourself for employment. By 14 years of age you should know how to: Read with understanding, Communicate with good grammar verbally in English and in writing, Do basic math accurately (add, subtract, multiply and divide), Take and follow directions, Get along with others. Beyond that, you should have some sense of what you ‘can’ do as well as what you would ‘like’ to do. Once you have some idea of what you can and would like to do, identify places in your immediate neighborhood where you’d want to work. Be realistic. If you don’t have a car or public transportation, don’t consider a job th

Jobs for Teens in Fast Food, Casual Dining, Ice Cream and Juice Chains's Editorially Selected Places That Traditionally Hire Teens for Jobs among Fast Food, Casual Dining Restaurant, Ice Cream and Juice Chains; Fast Food Chains Subway Minimum age for employment: Generally 16+, sometimes lower depending upon franchisee and location. McDonald’s Minimum age for employment: Generally 16+, sometimes lower depending upon franchisee and location. Sonic Minimum age for employment: Generally 16+, sometimes lower depending upon franchisee and location. Pizza Hut Minimum age for employment: 16 Taco Bell Minimum age for employment: Generally 16+, sometimes lower depending upon franchisee and location. Burger King Minimum age for employment: 16 Wendy’s Min

Jobs for Teens in Amusement, Theme, Water and Entertainment Parks's Editorially Selected Places that traditionally hire teens among Amusement, Theme, Water and Entertainment Parks Minimum age for employment: Generally starts at 14+ California Adventure City Balboa Fun Zone Belmont Park Boomers/Camelot/Family Fun Centers Castle Amusement Park Children's Fairyland Disneyland/Disney's California Adventure Fairytale Town Funderland Gilroy Gardens Theme Park Great America Knott's Berry Farm Legoland Mountasia Family Fun Center Nut Tree Family Park Pacific Park Pharaohs Lost Kingdom Pier 39 Pixie Woods Pixieland Amusement Park Rotary Storyland & Playland Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Scandia Amusement Park SeaWorld Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Six Flags Magic Mountain Sonoma Traintown Studio Park Hollywood Trees of Mystery Universal Studios Hollywood Florida Adventure Island Adventure Landing Aquatica Big Kahuna's Boomers Busch Gardens, Tampa Bay Cypress Gardens Dinosaur World

Teens--Beware of “Modeling” & “Party Hostess” Job Scams

Too many teens are being lured into so-called modeling jobs which are just scams. They tell you, “You’ve Got the Look”, then give you a high-pressure sales pitch for modeling or acting classes, or for “screen tests” or “photo shoots” that can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. Be suspicious if a company requires an up-front fee to serve as your agent. Bogus model or talent scouts are just after your money—or worse. Beware of bogus “party hostess” jobs. They may offer you money just to lure you into prostitution. For real! The come on is innocent sounding like, “just come be a “hostess for a private party and model. Nobody is going to touch you and you’ll make big money.” But, once you get there ANYTHING can happen. Suggestive photos can be taken of you that end up in the adult sections of classified sites. You could be drugged, beaten and even kidnapped. As enticing as the money may sound, DON’T DO IT!!! This is a real danger. Check out MSNBC’s “Sex Slaves: The Teen Tr

Jobs for Teens in Museums

Museums are a great place for teens to seek work in the summer and part-time throughout the year. Below is an editorially selected list of museums. Visit their Jobs and/or Volunteering sections to find job openings. Minimum age for employment: Generally 16+ but may go lower for volunteers and paying jobs in some locations. Academy of Natural Science , Philadelphia, PA Art Institute of Chicago , Chicago, IL Bay Area Discovery Museum , Sausalito, CA Berkeley Art Museum + Pacific Film Archive , Berkeley, CA Birmingham Museum of Art , Birmingham, AL Brooklyn Museum of Art , Brooklyn, NY Buffalo Bill Historical Center , Cody, WY Cleveland Museum of Art , Ohio, OH Colonial Williamsburg , Virginia, VA Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco , San Francisco, CA George Eastman House International Museum of Photography & Film , Rochester, NY High Museum of Art , Atlanta, GA Illinois State Museum , Springfield, IL Lawrence Hall of Science , Berkeley, CA Metropolitan Museum of Ar